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Why I picked cash sprayed on me at my wedding – Patapaa

Patapaa picked all the monies sprayed on him at his wedding
Patapaa picked all the monies sprayed on him at his wedding

Newly married celebrity in Ghana, Justice Amoah known in showbiz as Patapaa has revealed why he was seen picking all monies sprayed on him by his friends at his wedding ceremony.

He said on Kastle Drive “Picking cash that has been splashed on me is normal, I even do the same when I’m performing at my shows. When you’re an MC at a show and people spray cash on you, will you allow other people to collect that money for free?

When you work as human being don’t work for other people to use your hard earned money for granted. When you don’t take such monies which has been sprayed on you, you’ll never be prosperous in life,” he stated.

The ‘one corner’ crooner who could not risk his money been ‘stolen’ by the crowd, prevented people who even tried to help him pick the tons of GH¢200 notes sprayed on the dance floor at his wedding.


He added on Kastle FM “So if no pastor has ever said it at a church then I’m saying it today that everyone’s favour and self-dignity is your face. So when you use your face to do something and you allow others to pick monies meant for you, then they’re taking your favour away.

Some people marry and after complain of hardship in the marriage. Some artistes organize shows and yet when money is sprayed on them they allow others to collect them from the ground and yet complain about finances,” he remarked.

While dancing to his famous hit songs, Patapaa stopped dancing with his wife, grabbed the microphone and warned that everyone stays away from the cash but he claims such a move is nothing to be shy of.

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