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NAM 1’s new signee blasts Bullet over ‘uncle’s death’ post

File Photo: Tisha Bentil & Ricky Nana Agyemang aka Bullet
File Photo: Tisha Bentil & Ricky Nana Agyemang aka Bullet

Zylofon Music signee, Tisha Bentil, has attacked Chief Executive Officer of Rufftown Records, Ricky Nana Agyemang, popularly known as Bullet, over claims that his uncle died after his funds got locked-up at Menzgold, a gold-dealership firm.

Bullet took to social media to make his statement about how his uncle allegedly died after investing in Menzgold, a sister company of Zylofon Music which is also owned by Nana Appiah Mensah.

Bullet wrote: Sad news I just lost my uncle because of his locked up funds at Menzgold. So are we going to sit aloof and watch the sweat and hard earned money of innocent individuals been locked up with no proper surety of payment? R.i.p uncle yaw#menzgoldcustomerslivesmatter

But reacting to it, Tisha said Bullet is actually dumb and very misleading to bring out such news into the public domain.


It is actually dumb and very misleading to point to the cause of fake uncle Yaw’s death in the public domain, when you can’t show us his face in tribute and autopsy report. #BeSerious #RIPFakeuncleYaw #EmotionalRecordLabelBoss, she typed.

In another tweet, she said: Clearly, because you live in a rough town instead of a civilised modern city, you unintelligently don’t know, that a matter before a court of law is the best, guaranteed and civilised means to resolve any matter justly and equitably [SIC].

Check out the original tweet below:

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