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Adom TV Re-Calibrated: Songo, Mama Effe, Akumaa, Sister Sandy to hit screens with new stuff from August 1

Ghana’s favourite Akan television station, Adom TV, will from August 1, 2020 bring to its cherished viewers some very exciting television programmes.

While some of the programmes may be entirely new and specially designed to meet the channels’ audience needs, a few others are designed as build-up on some existing programmes.

While the shows promise to be more thrilling and entertaining than ever before, it is the diversity that comes with the new offers that are even more exciting as programmes will cover areas such as entertainment, sports, relationships and some mysteries of our time.


Fire Chat is an all-new entertainment programme that will be hosted by one of Ghana’s most popular sports presenters, Patrick Osei Agyemang who is known to many as Country Man Songo.

The show will have Country Man Songo meet and discuss A-list Celebrities’ lives and journeys to stardom, regardless of where they may come from around the world.

Songo’s questions on Fire Chat will be tough as he pushes to discuss controversial issues surrounding the personalities who will be on the show.

There will be, of course, the funny questions and moments to crack viewers up.

Make a date with Country Man Songo on Fire Chat on Saturday, August 1 and every Saturday.

More Fire……     


Odo Ahomaso is coming back with a new touch to it, if you think the previous episodes were awesome and gave you the ecstasy and fantasy your love life lacked, wait till you see the new episodes of Odo Ahomaso.

The ‘love doctor’ Akumaa Mama Zimbi will take you to deeper dimensions in love making, she will provide you with the antidote to all your sex life problems.

Keep your expectations high and make a date with Mama Zimbi on Odo Ahomaso as she returns to your screens on August 1.

“Medaa medaa medaaa waaase…”


Obra may be new to the Adom TV viewer but not to the many people who get glued to their seats to listen to Ghana’s Opera Winfrey, Mama Effe, on Nhyira FM every afternoon.

It is a show that is better watched than read from descriptions that may fail to cover all of its dimensions.

Life is like a two-sided coin, on one hand it’s beautiful and wonderful but on the other hand, it’s full of mysteries, sorrow and unfortunate happenings. 

In the Obra series which hits your screens on August 1, viewers will discover how Mama Effe explores all these sides of life. 

Obra will hold you spell bound, no matter which segment of society you belong to, with extreme shocking and unthinkable real life stories of people, most of whom will give the viewer first-persons narrations.


Ahosepe is a regular feature on Adom TV; it is loved by the viewers and their love has won them something ‘extra’ as in Ahosepe Extra.

Ahosepe Extra will build on the momentum already gathered by Ahosepe – the entertainment segment of the Badwam morning show on Adom TV.

Ahosepe Extra is a mix bag of fun, games, quizzes, karaoke and comedy unlimited – most of which are the new additions.

The Saturday Night show will be hosted by the ever hyper creative, versatile and energetic Sister Sandy, affectionately called by her fans, ‘Sister Sandy bi y3 guy’.

She will bring to viewers the freshest, latest and hottest gossips in both the local and international music and movie industry.

Your Saturday night just got exciting with Ahosepe Extra, the new superior entertainment show on Adom TV.

Get ready as the karaoke is a must-try for any viewer.

Adom TV, Yewo Ade Oye.

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