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Adom TV celebrates gorgeous Remie Foods CEO Afia Konadu on birthday

Remie Foods CEO, Afia Konadu
Remie Foods CEO, Afia Konadu

A top Adom TV client and Chief Executive Officer of Remie Foods, Afia Konadu, is being celebrated by the channel as she celebrates her birthday.

The Remie Foods CEO, Afia Konadu, who has been a loyal client of Ghana’s number one television channel, sponsoring shows such as Janaana and Kabani, all Twinovelas, is also being celebrated for her philanthropic words.

Remie Foods CEO, Afia Konadu

Afia is noted for her philanthropic gesture of donating to widows, orphans and other needy people in society, using her own funds.

Through a promotion she recently organized under the headline, Remie Promotions, her company had penciled six Ghanaian for an all-expense paid trip to Dubai.

Until Covid-19 set in, the winners of the Remie Promo were going to have their tickets, accommodation as well as pocket money, being taken care of by Remie Foods.

Afia Konadu’s Remie Foods deals in products such as spices, non-dairy foods, tomato pastes and tomato mix among other products.

Remie Foods CEO, Afia Konadu

Remie Foods is multinational spices manufacturing company that prides itself in the production of first class brands, using natural spices to satisfy customers’ needs while creating value for them.

“As I celebrate my birthday today, my aim is to continue to influence humanity positively while as I look for innovative ways to ensure that my company and I give value to our clients and also come to the aid of the needy in society,” she said.

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