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Man shamed for defiling nine-month-old son breaks silence


A man, identified as Inalu Victor, came under public humiliation yesterday when his wife revealed series of sexual molestations he subjected their nine-month-old son to.

According to the grieving mother, she once walked in on her nude husband forcing their son to caress his manhood; but when she inquired, he just laughed it off.

But the mother said her suspicions were confirmed by a doctor who examined the baby’s anal scars and blood in his stool, a consequence of the obscene act.

The said woman in a live video alleged there were attempts by ‘big men’ to shield her husband from justice.

However, in a rebuttal, Mr Inalu labelled all the accusations as false, revealing it is a ploy by his wife to swerve a DNA test and subsequent divorce.


He added he was surprised at his wife’s lack of respect for their year-old matrimony, insisting he is not gay.

In series of tweets, Mr Inalu said he was ready to take legal action against his wife for her libelous statements.

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