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Read: I’ve not said anywhere that I will campaign against Akufo-Addo – Contractor rubbishes media reports, threatens legal action

President Nana Akufo-Addo

Our attention has been drawn to a malicious publication against the person of Mr Samuel Odori Larbi, Chief Executive Officer of Asabea Constructions Limited in which the writer ascribes statements that have not been uttered by Mr Larbi to him.

The writer, whatever his/her motivation is, sought to create disaffection for one of the well-meaning contractors Ghana has from the government. He/she gave words to the man when he had not authored those words.

 According to the publication, Mr Larbi had decided to lead a campaign against President Akufo-Addo for his failure to release funds for the construction of the Tarkwa road.

We want to put on record that never at any time has Mr Ofori stood anywhere and uttered those words which had been ascribed to him in the said publication. It is false; full of inaccuracies and factually incorrect statements – one that we will be exploring options of going to court to seek redress.

Now, to the facts of the matter. Mr Larbi has NOT granted any interview to any media, not over the weekend, in the least. So it is palpably false for the said online portal and its author to cite an inexistent interview over the weekend as their source.

For the records, Asabea Constructions Limited has gotten so many contracts that he is working on now. So the question is; why will he then say that he is running a campaign to vote against the candidature of a president under whose tenure he’s gotten more jobs to execute? Mr Larbi wants to assure the President that he is not, and has not made up his mind to campaign against his candidature.

He wants to assure the President and the Government, in general, that he would remain the Ghanaian he has always been; to champion the cause of the country’s development. This role, he promises to ensure that he plays as a contractor, and would deliver quality projects when given the opportunity.

As many know, Mr Larbi is a contractor, who can be relied upon at all times – someone on whom the country has relied upon under several circumstances.

Mr Larbi wants to encourage the public to disregard that fictitious publication which is carried by an online portal called operanews; for which our checks reveal that that news website is full of falsehoods. So the public should disregard that story.  

Once again, we want to assure the President and Government that Mr Larbi has NEVER decided to campaign against the NPP, because he is not a politician, but a contractor, and so he will always remain.

Thank you.

Released by

Communication Department,

Asabea Constructions Limited.

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