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NVTI Director wins Business Executive Excellence Award

Mrs Mawusi Nudekor Awity

Executive Director of the National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI), Mrs Mawusi Nudekor Awity, has won the Baroness in the Vocational Training category of the 8th Business Executive Excellence Awards.

The awards, organised by the Business Executive, a Pan West African media, communications and events management company, was to recognise businesses and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) who have excelled in their business fields.

Madam Mawusi was honoured in this category for her exceptional leadership in TVET in Ghana for the past 22 years.


Mawusi Nudekor Awity is an experienced Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Expert, Social-entrepreneur, Small Business Development Expert, women and youth vocational and entrepreneurial capacity developer. She is a promoter of self-employment and an advocate for women’s rights.  Her strong passion for rural development propelled her to establish the Network for Women in Growth (NEWIG) in 2002 as a skills-development, non-profit, non-governmental organization in Ghana.

She has over 22 years experience in entrepreneurial and vocational training to enable women, especially the young ones acquire relevant skills for livelihood, much specifically in Non-Traditional Trade Areas. Since 2002, she has been involved in training and supporting over 8,000 women to establish and manage viable small businesses focusing on skills and business development to promote economic security and livelihoods for women and youth. Her NEWIG organization is the first NGO in Ghana to introduce young women to professional driving and building construction.


Mawusi Nudekor Awity was appointed by President Akufo-Addo, in June 2017 as the Executive Director of the National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI). Before her appointment, she was actively involved in social and gender development as the Executive Director of the Network of Women in Growth (NEWIG), Ghana, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which she founded in 2020.

With a staff strength of 762, trainees population of over 3,793 within 34 training centres, Mawusi Nudekor Awity’s duties as the Executive Director of the NVTI are enormous. They include the General Administration of the Institute, Initiating policy formulation and implementation, Coordinating and implementing programmes of the Institute, Preparing and submitting an annual estimate of income and expenditure to the Board of Directors and the sector Ministry.

She manages the budget and resources of the institute within approved estimates, provides the Board and sector Ministry with reports and other relevant information they may require, she mobilises resources for the institute, promotes collaboration/partnership/networking with other Institutions, Initiates and fosters new relations and ensure that tests and examinations are conducted within approved standards and quality.


Since her appointment as Executive Director of NVTI, she has:

  • Created a gender-sensitive space by giving females opportunities to be appointed to leadership positions and supporting the training of Female Trainees in Male-dominated trades through scholarship awards.
  • Established Resource Mobilization Unit (RMU) as well as gender desk office.
  • Garnered Scholarship support for some needy trainees from NVTI Service Providers and Government Scholarship Secretariat.
  • Developed and implemented a three-year strategic plan to drive positive change within NVTI and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in general.
  • Identified and collaborated with development partners and embassies such as Israeli, Japan, Korea, and COTVET to support management and instructional staff with training within and outside Ghana.
  • Developed and implemented successful fundraising plans that included strategies and goals for acquiring, renewing, and upgrading support from individual and institutional donors.

She is promoting activities of TVET through:

  • Developing partnership to link trainees of TVET directly with those who need their services though IT solutions in the form of Uber Services.
  • Constantly engaging media for sensitization (Radio, TV, Print and social media).
  • Soliciting support for start-up kits for graduating trainees from Tools for Self-Reliance from the United Kingdom and Government Scholarship Secretariat, Ghana.
  • Leading the institute to forge a closer partnership with industry
  • Instituted staff and trainee award scheme.
  • Advocating for the licensing of artisans before they transit to the job market.
  • Advocating for support for TVET from government and private sector.


She has many recognitions and awards to her credits. Some significant ones are, though not limited to, 7th Best Performing CEO in Ghana (2019), MTN 2019 Heroes of Change Award; Leading innovative Women Honorary Award (2013) by the Global Women Innovative Network, UK and Government of Ghana; Recognition of Outstanding Service to Mankind and Womanhood, by Methodist University College, Ghana (2013); Honorary Certificate (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, 2016). Mawusi Nudekor Awity has recently been shortlisted as a nominee in the Vocational Sector for the 8th Business Executive Excellence Awards 2021 by Business Executive Ltd.

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