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Ghanaian lady lashed for ‘fornicating’ in Saudi Arabia breaks silence[audio]

Diamond being beaten by her attackers

The young Ghanaian lady flogged for fornicating in Saudi Arabia has broken her silence after the incident went viral on social media.

The lady who only gave her name as Diamond claimed said she was punished by other Ghanaians in Saudi Arabia for dating a foreigner.

Speaking during a phone call with musician A-Plus on Facebook, the distraught lady she was sleeping when the men stormed the room.

She said it was her roommate who opened the door, giving them access and she was also certain her colleague reported her affair with the foreigner to the male authorities resulting in the abuse.


Diamond told A-Plus, although there is a law in the country against fornication, it is not strictly adhered to and one is only punished when caught.

She also alleged that one of the men, a Ghanaian who came to flog her in her room had tried to date her but she refused.


She added without the legal documents to stay in the country, women who end up in Saudi Arabia are abused on a constant basis; most often by people from their own nationality.

Diamond is currently at a deportation camp with 16 other women awaiting deportation.

Play attached audio above for the full interview

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