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Cecilia Marfo’s Recent Actions Stink – Popular Radio Presenter

Popular radio presenter, Michael Boateng aka Mike 2, has blasted Cecilia Marfo over her recent actions.

For some time now, Cecilia Marfo, a veteran Ghanaian musician turned Prophetess has been humiliating people in the name of prophecy or being possessed spiritually.

Slapping Brother Sammy at a public event was very fresh in the minds of many Ghanaians before she snatched Joyce Blessing’s microphone and asked her to go back to her estranged husband at an event in Kumasi.

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Sharing his view on this development, Mike 2 in an audio chanced upon by stated that Cecilia Marfo’s recent actions stink.

He said Cecilia Marfo was not chastised severely during her issue with Brother Sammy due to the latter’s behaviour—but what she did to Joyce Blessing shows that she is not doing the right thing.

The Adom FM presenter stated that she should’ve called Joyce Blessing privately and informed her about her revelation if it was truly from God.

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He added that Joyce Blessing would be tagged as someone who is disrespectful if she reacted.

Mike 2 further urged Joyce Blessing to descend on her.

Listen to Mike 2’ statement below.

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