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Wiyaala apologises to her fellow artistes for ‘fooling to win award’ comment

Wiyaala /Photo: @wiyaala on Instagram
Wiyaala /Photo: @wiyaala on Instagram

Singer Wiyaala has apologised for some statements she made in a viral video after some persons claimed she did not count in the industry.

She said those comments made by pundits cost her a lot including some gigs she was supposed to execute.

Speaking on Showbiz A-Z, she said: “I would like to use this opportunity to apologise to any artiste who was offended by my comments.”


She said she did not mean to undermine anyone but only reiterated some comments by pundits that “the music industry was being filled with junk music, that was what I was referring to.”

Wiyaala added that it has never been her intention to hurt her colleague, especially since she knows everyone is hustling to make a name in the industry.

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