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Strongman’s daughter dazzles in new photos

Strongman and adorable daughter
Strongman and adorable daughter

Rapper Strongman, known in private life as Vincent Kwaku Osei, given baby girl goals after flaunting his daughter, Simona Ama Osei, on social media.

In a new photo he shared on Thursday, September 3, 2020, Strongman is seen having lovely moments with Simona.

The photo, has Strongman taking the little out to have fun at a children’s playground.

Seated on a rubber tube, Strongman smiled happily while having Simona stand just by his right side and gazing at something.


While the serious look on Simona’s is interesting, even more interesting was the little girl’s dressing.

Rocking a blue and white mini jumpsuit with designs similiar to batik, Simona had a blue headgear wrapped around her head in style.

Wearing a pair of Yeezy sandals, the little had a pair of long white socks with a black waist bag to complete her look.

Sharing the photo, Strongman indicated that he had taken the girl out describing her as a star girl.

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