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Keche Andrew’s wife enstooled queen mother [Photos]

Mrs. Joana Gyan Cudjoe
Mrs Joana Gyan Cudjoe

Mrs Joana Gyan Cudjoe, Chief Executive Officer and organiser of Joana Gyan Foundation, has been named the Development queen mother, known in Akan Language as ‘Mpuntuo Hemaa’, of Wasa Agona Amenfi with the stool name, Nana Adwoa Awo.

The new queen mother, Nana Adwoa Awo I, is the founder of GEM Media, an entertainment company.

She is a native of the town and was crowned Saturday, June 27, when she visited the town to donate Personal Protective Equipment, fumigate and disinfect the town.

She also helped with infrastructure development in the area.

Keche's Wife Madam Joan, Crowned Queen Mother At Agona Wasa Amenfi ...

She was honoured because of her support to the people of the area.

As Mputuo Hemaa, she is to guarantee and help with the improvement of the area.


The Joana Gyan Foundation’s main focus is to empower education in the mining areas, encourage entrepreneurship, reclaim mining lands for agricultural purposes, improve health status, infrastructural development, care for the aged and also promote gender equality.

Joana Gyan Foundation also had a team of financial experts to educate the inhabitants of Wasa Agona Amenfi on their finances while a team of health practitioners educated inhabitants on their health as well as conducted free health screening.

Keche Andrew's wife enstooled Queen Mother at Wasa Agona Amenfi

Nana Awo was crowned queen with a white man as Development Chief, Mpontuo Hene, Nana Kwaku Boafo of Agona Wasa Amenfi.

The two are expected to help with the establishment of the medical facility, secondary school educational complex and a market.

About Joana Gyan Foundation

The Foundation’s initial focus is to assist mining communities in Ghana in the areas of Health, Education, Structural Development, entrepreneurship, Caring for the aged and also promoting gender equality.

In the longer term, the Foundation aims to expand its activities to support individuals and groups in the broader West African region and continental Africa.

The Joana Gyan Foundation is open to collaborations to maximise the impact of its programmes and welcome inquiries and suggestions from prospective partners. It’s values of integrity, honesty, non-discrimination, and empowerment guide its work and programmes.

Its activities are funded by private individuals and other organisations supporting its mission. The Foundation takes the greatest care to ensure funding sources are beyond reproach.

The Foundation was established in 2019, by Mrs Cudjoe, to fulfill her vision and give back to society in Ghana and throughout Africa. The Foundation was established under the laws of Ghana as an independent, non-profit organisation.

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